Clara OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for OS/2 / eComStation


"Clara OCR version 0.9.9 is available. Clara OCR is designed to OCR old books. It's available under the terms of the GPL."

Clara OCR features a GUI and a web interface. It also features a command-line interface, but X Windows is always required both to compile and run. The development effort is using Intel 32-bits boxes running various Linux distributions and FreeBSD."

Clara OCR can be found at

Clara OCR was written by Ricardo Ueda Karpischek. Giulio Lunati wrote the internal preprocessor. Clara OCR includes bugfixes produced by other developers. The Changelog acknowledges all them....

I have managed to build an OS/2 - executable of Clara 0.9.9.
It starts here and seems to work quite well, but it's not much tested.
This version does not support drive-letters. Don't know whether the web interface works.
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (and have fun)
Here is the link:

To run Clara OCR you need XFree86 for OS/2 and NETPBMA. It runs also fine here with HOB-X

Franz Bakan, 4. April 2006

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