GOCR (GNU Optical Character Recognition)

Here you can find OS/2 executables of GOCR Version 0.3.6 if you want to play with it.
GOCR.EXE is compiled with GCC 3.0.3 (available via ftp from netlabs).
You need EMX and you might need gcc303m.dll. if you get an errormessage about 'gcc303m not found'
Here is the link:

The project homepage of GOCR is: http://jocr.sourceforge.net

Usage: Hints: How to compile with GCC 3.0.3:
  1. get and install os2unix
  2. delete make.bat
  3. os2unix -all
  4. sh configure
  5. (probably only if you use 2.0 of os2unix) remove the 3 lines
    ifeq ($(omf),on)
        LIBOBJS := $(LIBOBJS:.o=.obj)
    LIBOBJS = pgm2asc.$(obj) \
    from src/Makefile
  6. make
Compiling wiht emx-gcc required 2 more steps:
  1. copy src\libPgm2asc.a src\Pgm2asc.a
  2. make

Franz Bakan, 4. April 2006

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