GOCR (GNU Optical Character Recognition)

Here you can find OS/2 executables of GOCR Version 0.38 if you want to play with it.
GOCR.EXE is compiled with GCC 3.2.1 (available via ftp from netlabs).
Here is the link:

The project homepage of GOCR is: http://jocr.sourceforge.net

Usage: Hints: How to compile with GCC 3.2.1:
  1. get and install os2unix
  2. delete make.bat
  3. os2unix -all
  4. sh configure
  5. (probably only if you use 2.0 of os2unix) remove the 3 lines
    ifeq ($(omf),on)
        LIBOBJS := $(LIBOBJS:.o=.obj)
    LIBOBJS = pgm2asc.$(obj) \
    from src/Makefile
  6. make
Compiling wiht emx-gcc required 2 more steps:
  1. copy src\libPgm2asc.a src\Pgm2asc.a
  2. make

Franz Bakan, 4. April 2006

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